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A warm welcome to my website

I offer sessions Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm.

My counselling fees are £45 for 1 hour: Zoom, telephone or outdoor therapy (Outdoor therapy is only available during daylight hours).

I also offer Supervision to counsellors or anyone in a helping profession, my current fees are £40 for 1 hour, £60 for an hour and a half. From April 1st 2024 Supervision fees will increase to £45 for 1 hour and £67.50 for 1 and a half hours.

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Counselling can help with life's struggles and challenges, which may be caused from:

  • bereavement, grief or loss

  • change in employment or work related problems

  • relationship breakdown or relationship issues

  • chronic illness or a new medical diagnosis

  • life transitions

  • gender dysphoria / gender incongruence

  • trauma, including childhood trauma


Life's struggles and challenges can cause us to feel:


  • anxious or worried

  • depressed or a low mood

  • stressed

  • angry or irritable

  • uncertain

  • a sense of not knowing

  • hopeless

  • shame

  • guilty

  • low in self-confidence or low self-esteem

  • having little energy

What can counselling offer you?:

  • support

  • recovery

  • opportunities to actively problem solve

  • gain an insight or become more self-aware

  • develop new strategies

  • facilitate change – a change in the way you see, think, feel, behave towards things or yourself

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Bringing Hidden Needs to the surface

"It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried."

                                            Carl Rogers 

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07747 870309

If I do not answer your call please leave me a voicemail.


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