Counselling Approach and What to Expect

Counselling Approach

My core counselling approach is in person-centred theory, and I have attended additional training which I integrate into my sessions.  This approach will allow you to talk freely about what is troubling you. My aim is to provide you with a safe, confidential space to help you explore, express and process what’s going on, which in turn will allow you to cope better.  Forming and maintaining a trusting, therapeutic relationship is fundamental to the person-centred approach, and I believe my natural ability to be compassionate and genuine will help to promote this. Also, I accept clients for who they are, showing respect, which means I am non-judgemental.  

What to Expect

If you make contact with me, I will offer you a 15-30 minute telephone call, Zoom video call or email communication. You are welcome to ask me any questions, and I will ask about you; for example, what will you bring to counselling, what you would like to achieve, what will be helpful, and unhelpful.

To help build a trusting therapeutic relationship I believe it is best to make our appointments weekly at a mutually convenient time, however I understand that weekly is not always possible for various reasons.  I have day time and early evening appointments available. I can offer short and long term counselling. For longer term counselling I offer review sessions regularly, this will give us both the chance to consider how the sessions are going. I respect though that fortnightly sessions may fit better for you.

I charge £45 for a 1 hour session by Zoom, telephone or Walk and Talk.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and abide by their ethical framework. This supports my working practices, policies and promotes my own values and principles. I am insured and am ICO Registered in line with GDPR regulations (data protection).


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"Empathy is... communicating that incredibly healing message of 'You're not alone'"