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Hello, thank you for visiting my Supervision page.


I am a qualified Supervisor, after studying a CPCAB Level 6 in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision course. I am offering supervision by Zoom or telephone, or outdoors (walk and talk) in the St Austell area.

I have always looked forward to my own Supervision sessions, and with that in mind I endeavour to provide supervisee's with a similar collegial, reflective space, where I hope they can openly share, and then take something away from our sessions.  Perhaps also a place where they can build confidence and become more self-aware, if required.

I apply Hawkins & Shohet's 7 Eyed Process Model into supervision sessions, meaning that the supervision process includes both the client/supervisee matrix and the supervisee/supervisor matrix, which is incorporated into 7 modes (or eyes!).  

Depending on what you need from the session, I will also endeavour to share knowledge, my own experiences and how I set up my private practice. Prior to coronavirus my practice was solely in person, in a room I hired hourly.  Subsequently I needed to develop and adapt how I worked, and gained knowledge and experience from working online, telephone and outdoors (walk and talk).   


Prior to becoming a counsellor, I managed a nursery, and have a degree in Early Childhood Studies, I now work part-time in a primary school offering pastoral support. Previously I worked as a Macmillan Professional, providing emotional support. Whilst these are not officially counselling roles, I use my counselling skills and knowledge in education and helping professions.


Essentially supervision will promote and ensure safe and ethical working practices.


My fee is £40 for 1 hour, and £60 for 1.5 hours, but from April 1st 2024 it will increase to £45 for 1 hour, £67.50 for 1.5 hours.  I have flexibility to offer the 1.5 hours in 2 x 45 minute sessions during the month if that feels more suited to your supervision needs.


If you are interested please get in touch. I offer an up to an hour zoom or telephone call for you to discuss your needs and then we can decide if we'd like to work together.

Tel: 07747 870309  Email:

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