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Outdoor Therapy

In 2021 I completed a CPCAB Endorsed workshop/training 'Working Creatively in the Outdoors: Module - Covering Ecotherapy and Walk & Talk Counselling. This enabled me to embark on offering sessions outdoors.

The benefits of outdoor therapy are: 

  • Research shows being outdoors impacts on good psychological health and mental well-being.

  • Exercise can help to reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety. 

  • An opportunity to be grounded in nature, to focus on what draws your attention and use nature in a creative way.

  • To truly walk alongside you, and 'walk in your shoes' to understand your thoughts, feelings and challenges.

I can offer 3 choices of location in the St Austell area

All locations are regularly risk assessed.

Alternative Zoom or telephone session offered should the weather be too hazardous (ice/snow, torrential rain or gusty winds - severe weather warnings).

outdoor therapy
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